Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mount Mulch

We’re going to have plenty of mulch for next year! Since part of my parents’ hay crop ended up being too wet to make into hay bales, my dad chopped the hay and unloaded it in a pile in my garden. It was quite the operation chopping the hay, collecting it, transporting it and piling it. First dad used a chopper to chop up the cut hay. The chopped hay was blown from the chopper into a chopper box.

Then he drove chopper boxes full of the chopped hay to the garden. Next it was blown out of the chopper box (chopper boxes have really neat beaters and conveyer belts for this purpose).

The chopped hay then took a ride on an elevator. The elevator was hooked up to another tractor to power it. After the elevator ride the chopped hay finally landed on Mount Mulch. In the above photo is pictured the very first load. According to my estimations, Mount Mulch is about 30 feet high and maybe 40 or 50 feet around. Mount Mulch consists of eight chopper box loads.